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Using Medicare at the Pharmacy

by admin on: February 6th, 2012

If you are old enough to qualify for Medicare and its prescription program, then you are probably old enough to appreciate some hints about how to use this new privilege. This is your time to enjoy the world on your own terms, and the last thing you want is to be delayed at the pharmacy.

Your Medicare card will show, among other things, which of the Medicare programs you chose. Therefore, when you visit the pharmacy, make sure you have your Medicare card with you. You will also need the Medicare Part D plan card or the welcome letter you received when you were granted acceptance. This is especially important the first time your use your Medicare coverage at a specific pharmacy so that they can update your file. Also, always carry your photo ID, because you will be asked to prove who you are at the window.

Do not worry if your letter has not arrived, you can call the Medicare plan customer care to ask for your BIN number and Member ID number. This is information your pharmacist will need to bill your new insurance plan and not you personally. If you are having trouble reaching Medicare’s customer support, the pharmacist can use Medicare’s dedicated pharmacy hotline and ask for your BIN number and Member ID number from Medicare directly.

Another trick for saving time at the pharmacy is to carry a list of all your medication with you. That way, the pharmacy will be able to move all of your current, and newly prescribed, medications into the Medicare program right away.

Remember your pharmacist is there to assist you with all your questions and medication needs. Not only with the prescribed medications from your doctor, but with over-the-counter medications as well. Let your pharmacist know when you want to use herbal remedies or alternative medications as these can sometimes have an effect on your prescribed medications.

Now, enjoy your retirement.