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Marijuana – The Counter-Culture Drug Used as Medicine

by admin on: August 8th, 2011

Pot — Reefer — The Demon Weed — Yes, marijuana is called by many names, but no matter what it’s called, marijuana remains a drug with a notorious reputation in society at large.

Marijuana has long been embraced by the counter-culture for its psychoactive properties. It has been used by shamans and mystics to induce trances and as an aid in rituals. Jack Kerouac and the poets of the ???beatnik generation??? embraced marijuana for its mind-altering properties and as a creative stimulant. The rock and roll culture of the 1960s also helped popularize use of the drug at rock concerts and psychedelic parties.

Though Marijuana was largely outlawed in the 20th century, its casual use became more common in the rock and roll culture of the 1960s. As drug casualties mounted, however, ???pot??? received negative attention when it was widely seen as a ???gateway drug??? that might lead young users to more dangerous drugs like cocaine or LSD.

Though still illegal, marijuana use has never stopped. A hidden culture remains and it continues to be bought and sold in a thriving underground marketplace all around the U.S. It is licensed for use as a medicine in 14 states as well as the District of Columbia, and has been decriminalized in twelve states.

Even as marijuana continues as a recreational drug, many in the medical community have embraced it for its healing properties. Many physicians have noted its effectiveness as a treatment for extreme nausea experienced by chemotherapy patients. Marijuana has also been found to be effective in treatment for extreme fatigue suffered by AIDS patients and in restoring energy and appetite. Other uses include treatment for medical conditions including migraines, multiple sclerosis and convulsive disorders.

Despite the controversy, marijuana is a drug that continues to be part of the medical conversation in the U.S. Perhaps the rock and rollers of the 1960s were on to something.