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Pharmacology jobs
by admin on: December 31st, 2010

Pharmacology is a field that is growing not only in popularity but in career openings as well. Jobs in pharmacology are growing and expanding in almost all areas of the country. The stereotypical thought that the only job out there for someone with a degree in pharmacology is as a pharmacist is quickly losing its hold. Today, there are many options for those pursuing a pharmacology degree, including pharmacy technician, public relations officers, researchers, and more. The average salary range for those with a degree in pharmacology is $91,000 to $120,000 per year. There are two major areas of pharmacology that you can go into.

Clinical Pharmacology:

Clinical pharmacologists study drug interactions, or how the drugs work in the body. Most clinical pharmacologists work in clinics, pharmacies, or hospitals. When you talk to a pharmacist at the drug store, this is a person who has chosen to go into clinical pharmacology.

Research Pharmacology:

Those who choose to go into research will usually be seen working in the labs of hospitals, working for a pharmaceutical company or in a private research institution. As the name suggests, those who decide on this path are going to be focusing on the research of medications and how they interact with the body. Many times, those in research pharmacology also have a second degree in biology.

There are also jobs teaching pharmacology, and this is available to those who have chosen either path of the degree.

The current job outlook for those with a degree in pharmacology is great. There are many jobs available, and the salary is phenomenal, even for entry level positions. Job security is also very good for those with a degree in pharmacology, and the work itself is both challenging and meaningful.

Whether you are interested in the research or working with the people of the community, pharmacology has a lot of options when it comes to careers. If you’re interested in exploring the various options for careers, as well as the programs that can get you there, contact us today.

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