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Lethal Home Remedies to Avoid and Safe Options

by admin on: April 22nd, 2011

With the rising cost of health care, many people are turning to home remedies as an alternative to expensive co-pays and doctor???s visits. However, while there are many useful and safe options available to the discerning consumer, there are some options or urban myths regarding home remedies that should be avoided.

Giving Alcohol to a Teething Baby

Children should not consume alcohol. The impact of alcohol on a child???s developing brain can be long term and include an increased predisposition to alcohol addiction and improper ???wiring??? of the neural connections that are developing. In addition, the child is not going to receiving any direct benefit because alcohol doesn’t provide any sort of numbing effect.

Instead, use a chilled teething toy. The cooling effect will help numb and soothe the child???s gums. Another alternative that a child may also be very receptive to is an ice pop (a sugarless ice pop, of course!).

At Home Colon Cleansing

The colon is a waste receptacle and is supposed to do is get fecal matter out of one???s body???naturally! A problem arises when people decide to take cleansing in their own hands. By doing so, you run the risk of upsetting your body???s electrolyte balance, which may result in salt depletion and dehydration. These adverse effects can compound over time and result in more dire consequences such as malnutrition, anemia, and even heart failure (which can lead to death).

Rather than worrying about potential toxins, your time is better spent focusing on what you choose to eat. An easy at home remedy to improve one???s health is to consider increasing the intake of dietary fiber, which can be obtained through eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains or legumes. This easy edible option will increase movement through one???s colon and can relieve or prevent constipation.

Colloidal Silver for Treating Infections and Disease

There is circulating information claiming that colloidal silver, available in products over the Internet, can boost a person???s immune system and treat a wide range of maladies such as HIV infection, herpes, and cancer. Dr. Brent Bauer, a Mayo Clinic internist, debunks these myths by stating that colloidal silver is not safe nor is it effective for treating any claims made by manufacturers. Rather, products that contain colloidal silver (such as silverware or jewelry), should not be sprayed, applied, administered or injected into a person.

While the effects of this ingredient are not completely known, build-up of colloidal silver can result in a blue-gray discoloration of a person???s skin or, more seriously, result in kidney damage, seizures or other neurological problems.

Removing Ear Wax with Ear Candling

Ear wax is a natural lubricant for ars???it helps prevent ear infections and also provides some degree of ???water-proofing.??? Ear candling is a process whereby people take a candle-shaped cone made of beeswax and place it in the ear. Next, the wick of this candle is lit and as it burns down, it is said to remove ear wax and other impurities. It stands to reason, however, that lighting a candle by one???s face is not wise. People often burn their ear canal and eardrum and may suffer hearing loss. Rather than using this technique, it is safer to remove excess wax by using a tissue and wiping around the outer part of one???s ear.

If you’re looking to conduct home remedies for ailments you may have, you should first consult your doctor and do a bit of research to understand possible side effects, or avoid remedies that may have dire consequences. Your health is always the first priority, and should be approached in the safest way possible.