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Save Big at the Pharmacy

by admin on: January 30th, 2012

Just because you need a prescription medication, doesn’t mean you can’t shop around to get the best price. Shopping around is particularly valuable if you are on a given medication for an extended period of time. However, these tips and tricks can be used to save money any time you get a prescription:

1. Always check for prescription transfer coupons. Some pharmacies offer as much as $20-$30 in bonus cards if you transfer all your drugs to their pharmacy. However, make sure all your drugs will be less expensive at the new pharmacy.

2. Use a generic brand whenever possible. Be sure to ask your doctor to prescribe one. Generic drugs are a great bargain and offer the same, or very similar, health benefits for the patient.

3. A new drug may be involved in an aggressive marketing strategy by the pharmaceutical company that manufactured it. Check online to see if you can download a coupon or get free samples of the drug with your prescription. Sometimes the drug company will offer a coupon to waive the copay fee.

4. Ask your doctor for a free sample and/or coupon. Pharmaceutical companies woo your doctor by giving him free samples and coupons for their patients. Some coupons allow one month free of an on-going medication to the patient.

5. Ask specialist doctors for free samples and coupons as well. You aren’t limited to how often you can receive these items, and doctors sometimes forget they have them.

6. Ask your pharmacist if you can order your expensive medications in bulk to receive a discount.

7. Magazines often have pull-out coupons to waive a copay, obtain a free month’s supply or a hefty percentage off a bulk order.

Take the time to look for long-term discounts when you receive a prescription from your doctor and don’t forget to ask for the coupons and freebies!