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Stop Smoking with the Community Pharmacist

by admin on: February 8th, 2012

Pharmacists have been answering important questions about the over-the-counter and prescribed medications to quit smoking for decades. Your local pharmacist is available to advise you on Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and guide you to the treatment that will work best for you. However, until that enlightening conversation with your pharmacist, here are some hints and tips to assist you in your attempt to quit smoking.

First, make sure to get your medications in order before you actually stop smoking. You’ll feel more confident when you have gum, an electronic cigarette replacement or (NRT) medication to assist you when you need them.

Now, fix a date you plan to quit when you are away from work, stresses and social occasions. Tell your friends, family and work friends about your plans. You should ask them to support your decision by not smoking in front of you. This will make the transition easier. The tough part is throwing away all of your cigarettes, matches, lighters, ashtrays, and anything else related to smoking.

Avoid people, situations and places where you may find yourself tempted to bum a cigarette for the first four weeks. Your system will be purging the need for touching, inhaling and smelling cigarettes. Do not fool yourself by believing you can smoke just one, the “last cigarette” will break your new resolve to quit.

For ever day you succeed, reward yourself with ice cream, new clothes or a subscription to your favorite magazine. After all, you’re saving a large chunk of money every day you stay away from cigarettes.

You can beat this craving! Focus on the benefits, such as: no second hand smoke around your family and friends. You will smell sweeter too – no more lingering smoke odors.

As always, remember that your local pharmacist is a valuable resource and is always available for questions.