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The FDA Has Approved the Influenza Vaccines for the Upcoming 2010-2011 Flu Season
by admin on: May 4th, 2011
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration posted an announcement on the fda.gov website stating that it has approved the influenza vaccine for the upcoming flu season. As many people are aware, during last year???s flu season, the H1N1 virus (???swine flu???) had emerged as a prominent threat after the pharmacological production of the seasonal vaccine had been approved and begun. Thus, during last flu season, two vaccines were necessary, and two vaccines were produced. The Center for Disease Control...
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Are Sugar-Free Products Really Sugar Free?
by admin on: May 2nd, 2011
Frequent readers of the New York Times newspaper know that, on each and every Tuesday, the newspaper includes a section called the ???Science Times.??? The articles in this section of the paper often relate to health, research, and new discoveries. There is also a very informative section that takes a claim, sometimes an urban myth or a very relevant issue, and addresses the claim with the ???facts.??? One of the published claims recently addressed the claim that artificial sweeteners (such as saccharin,...
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Have You Ever Felt That Something You Ate Was “Tough” to Digest?
by admin on: April 29th, 2011
A person???s digestive system is comprised of a series of hollow organs that are all joined together forming a long tube. The organs included in a person???s digestive tract include the mouth, the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, the large intestine (including the colon), the rectum, and the anus. Digestion begins in the mouth via the production of tiny glands in the mucosa, and is completed in the small intestine. A recent article posted on MSN.com’s health and fitness section...
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New Way to Combat AIDS
by admin on: April 27th, 2011
In the battle against acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), most pharmacological therapies are geared to stop the progress of the virus after it has already infected a cell. There is one exception to this type of therapy- enfurvitide, a drug that is intended to prevent a pregnant mother from transmitting HIV to her child. This exception aside, there is a new approach to combating AIDS and HIV that has been published in an issue of the scientific journal...
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A New Warning for Evamist
by admin on: April 25th, 2011
Evamist is the proprietary name for an estradiol-based transdermal spray. This drug is indicated to treat women who present with moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms (so-called ???hot flushes???) that are associated with the onset and occurrence of menopause. Menopause is a natural, biological process that occurs in all women, and is generally recognized as the permanent end of menstruation and fertility. Generally speaking, a woman is considered to have entered menopause approximately one year...
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Lethal Home Remedies to Avoid and Safe Options
by admin on: April 22nd, 2011
With the rising cost of health care, many people are turning to home remedies as an alternative to expensive co-pays and doctor???s visits. However, while there are many useful and safe options available to the discerning consumer, there are some options or urban myths regarding home remedies that should be avoided. Giving Alcohol to a Teething Baby Children should not consume alcohol. The impact of alcohol on a child???s developing brain can be long term and include an increased predisposition...
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A New Drug, Cuvposa, Approved for Treatment of Drooling
by admin on: April 22nd, 2011
As any parent knows, drooling in babies and infants is normal. In some circumstances, it may indicate that a baby is teething. Other times? Well, it may be hard to say. ???Normal??? development aside, excessive drooling may also result from neurological disorders. In these children, often between the ages of three and 16 years, there is a developmental disability whereby these children have a neuromuscular dysfunction that makes the act of swallowing difficult. Because of this difficulty, these children...
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Why the First Smoke of the Day Carries the Biggest Kick
by admin on: April 20th, 2011
People who are addicted to smoking cigarettes often say there is no cigarette like the first cigarette of the day. While one may chalk that line up to a clich??, there is much truth to that sentiment. In fact, the reason why smokers are ???right??????that the first smoke of the day is the best smoke of the day???has a basis in neuropharmacology. Regardless of how and when it happens, the chemistry in the brain affects a person???s addiction to smoking. One of active ingredients in a cigarette is...
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Update on the Use of Yellow Fever Vaccine
by admin on: April 18th, 2011
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their previous recommendations (circa 2002) for using the yellow fever vaccine in their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (available online at CDC.gov). Briefly, yellow fever is transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. The yellow fever disease is a vector-borne disease and is endemic to tropical South America and sub-Saharan Africa. Yellow fever, transmitted by mosquitoes, is estimated to affect 200,000 people...
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Which Diet Is Better: Low-Carb or Low-Fat?
by admin on: April 15th, 2011
There are plenty of different diets available for those looking to better manage their food intake. Some focus on carbohydrate intake, while others look to manage caloric intake. Another option is to focus on foods that are low on fat. But, one must wonder???which diet is best? A recent study comparing a low-carb diet and a low-fat diet produced some interesting results. Over a period of two years, subjects were divided into one of two groups: either low-carb or low-fat. All subjects participating...
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