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Pain in Black and White
by admin on: May 11th, 2011

The Journal of Pain’s August 2010 issue published an article where scientists from the University of Michigan Health System looked at 200 patients suffering from chronic pain, who went to seek help from the center. Scientists observed the medicines the patients were taking, including their potency and number. They also studied how adequate the pain management system was.

The researchers found that there were quite a few gaps in the pain care system???younger men were given better treatment than women, and African-American women were at the lower end of receiving pain management.

These were the results:

  • 1.8 medications for black patients, opposed to 2.6 medications for white patients
  • 30% of men were administered strong opioid painkillers to manage chronic pain
  • 21% of women treated for a similar condition with as much medication as males

The scientists inferred that minorities and women were not paid much attention when it came to management of chronic pain. But there were problems on the patients’ end, also. It was found that women and African-American patients preferred to bear pain rather than bear the side-effects of medications. Cost was also an important factor: women and minorities tended to save money rather than get medications immediately.

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