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Hints for Older Adults on Prescribed Medication
by admin on: February 15th, 2012

Older Americans have the most difficulty of any age group with taking daily medications. Whether they forget a dose, take too much, or don’t understand the food and beverage interactions, the results can be dangerous. Here is a list of factors that contribute to errors when taking medication and some possible solutions.

1. Speaking with a Pharmacist can be frustrating for an older adult with a hearing aid. However, by asking for a written statement of how, and when, to take the medication an older person can receive correct instructions without making a scene. Also, placing these instructions next to their medications on the counter at home can be a helpful physical reminder to take their pills.

2. Medicines often require an individual to take them at a specific time of day, which can be hard to remember. To combat this, doctors can work with a pharmacist to “blister pack” the medication so that it can be taken with meals.

3. Going to several doctors or pharmacies can be confusing to keep straight for anyone, and particularly for older adults. Therefore, pick one pharmacy for all your medications, this way all of your files will be in one place.

4. Doctors and pharmacists know that, as an adult ages, the body builds up a tolerance to medication it has been taking for a long time. Always report these changes to your doctor right away.

5. Some pills are large and hard to swallow. If this is a problem, ask your doctor if the medication comes in a different form. Large tablet can often be put into a liquid state equal to one teaspoon per dose.

6. Vitamins, over-the-counter drugs like cough medicine, and herbal remedies are all drugs. Combining these drugs with some prescribed medications can be dangerous. Tell your doctor and pharmacist about everything you take, even herbal tea.

Remember your pharmacist and doctor are there to help and want to answer all your questions.

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