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Career Guidance Q/A
by admin on: July 3rd, 2011

1. What are the benefits to a pharmacology degree?

A pharmacology degree gives the individual a wide variety of careers to work in, a stable salary to start and steady progression overtime, and the option to further your career into the MD level. Any degree in the medical field allows professionals the comforting option of job security and stead hours.

2. What is the starting salary for a professional with a pharmacology degree?

Starting salaries will vary depending on level of experience. Entry level salaries depend on the company and/or organization that you apply to, whether it???s private or government run will also vary the salary. Salaries in the profession of pharmacy are on an upward trend, with the majority of pharmacy graduates reporting annual salaries $90,000-$95,000.

3. What professions are available to those with a pharmacology degree?

A graduate of pharmacology can choose from a variety of career paths tailored to individual interests and aptitudes with a choice of lucrative employment opportunities. Pharmacists in a community setting provide pharmaceutical care to ambulatory patients including prescription and non-prescription drugs, medical equipment and devices, and other drug related information and educational services to patients, the public, and other health care professionals. Pharmacists in institutional settings, like hospitals, provide service to inpatients and are involved in the dispensation of medication, clinical services, drug information and a number of specialty practices such as cardiology, psychiatry, pediatrics, oncology, nuclear pharmacy, nutritional support.

4. What kind of job security does a pharmacology degree offer?

The medical field is constantly evolving and adjusting to fight new and adaptive diseases. Therefore, the world is always in need of medical professionals whether they are involved in distribution of prescription drugs or the evolution of the drugs themselves. The Drug Industry offers graduates a variety of careers although many research-orientated posts have a ceiling beyond which you cannot progress in the company without a PhD. It is sometimes possible to do a PhD within industry.

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