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by admin on: December 31st, 2010

After being out of college for three years and working the same job I really wasn???t satisfied where my life was heading. I wanted to make a difference and my 8-5 office just wasn???t cutting it. After taking the time to do some research online I came across Pharmacology.org, and really didn???t have to look any further. The site gave me a list of different career options that might be right for me. After finding a career that would be a good fit for me, Pharmacology.org then pointed me in the right direction when it came to choosing a pharmacology school and degree program that would lead me to fulfill my career aspirations.

On the site???s blog I was able to learning useful tips for selecting the right school and degree for me, and I was able to read up on how to apply for scholarships and financial aid in the How To articles. Not only that, there was information on pharmacology training and certification so that I knew what I would be learning and how I could apply it to my career. I still check back at the blog for the latest on pharmacology careers and education.

Today I am a Research & Development professional for a large pharmaceutical company; I love my job and feel as though I???m making big a difference!

Gianna McKay


As the economy plunged, so did the company I originally worked for. After that finding a job, that could support a family of five, was difficult to do without working 14 hr days, and going back to school seemed financially impossible without pushing my family further into debt. Then a friend suggested doing some more research on Pharmacolgy.org, and since I had exhausted all efforts I thought it can???t get any worse.

This site was extremely helpful to me. The reviews from other students were inspirational enough, but the advice they provided for students on all levels, gave me the push I needed to go further. The financial aid guidance assured me that this is one solution that didn???t require financial failure. It gave me a lot of options and opened my eyes to a field I had never even considered before. Working in the medical field has been such a rewarding career, and the best thing is that I can still a reliable husband and father.

And today, my daughter asked me how I came to be so smart, I can???t wait until she is old enough to understand what Pharmacology.org can do.

Cody Blake


I had always dreamed of working in pharmacology and with an undergraduate degree in chemistry I knew that I was on the right track. Unfortunately I didn???t have enough money to pay for pharmacology school and focus on paying off old student loans first. After meeting with an old college professor, he told me that I didn???t have to my dreams on hold. He recommended I visit Pharmacology.org to see if the resources available would help me.

I found this site to be a great support, it was easy to navigate and I found all of the information I needed on financial aid and scholarships. With a little time and effort on my behalf I was able to apply for several scholarships and statewide financial aid. Now I am in my second year of pharmacology school and pay a considerable amount less for school. I take online classes and also work fulltime, and even thought I am busy, I couldn???t be happier.

Jordan West


After getting divorced and becoming a single mom of three boys, the time I had to dedicate to my career literally disappeared. This caused a dead stop in progressing any further in a tough field, that I wasn???t too happy with in the first place, but my kids needed to eat and every second of my free time. So I started researching online about career fields that had cause for moving up, and quickly.

I found Pharamcology.org on a random search and was shocked at how much information and guidance they provided. And it was all easy to understand. The medical field had popped up in numerous searches I conducted, but I always felt it would be too much school. This site completely changed my perspective on starting a brand new career without having to spend years in school.

My kids are more proud to tell their friends what I do for a living; and I???m more proud to go to work every day. I never would have done it without the help of the experts on Pharmacology.org.

Suzanne Aaron

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