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Tips for Uneventful Pharmacy Visits

by admin on: February 17th, 2012

When you visit a pharmacy, there are some healthy guidelines you should follow to get the most out of your visit. Remember, you may be sitting or standing in a group of other people all waiting for their medications. The pharmacist is multi-tasking by filling prescriptions, speaking with customers about their medicine and overseeing the two or three pharmacy techs. It is important, therefore, to know what to do in order to have as uneventful a visit as possible.

Chances are, you’ll stand in line with people who are sick, possibly contagious and in pain. If you’re contagious wear a mask, or ask for one at the pharmacy. To lower the risk of contracting another illness, and in order be on your way home as quickly as possible, have your doctor call in the prescription in advance. This way you’ll only need to pick-up your prescription and the wait time will be much shorter.

Picking one pharmacy for all your needs is the easiest way to get the best possible care. This is because pharmacies keeps records on their customers, which the pharmacist can review as he fills your prescription. Your records will indicate useful information, such as: other medications you’ve taken in the past, your allergies, and possible drug interactions. Also, being in a familiar environment will help you feel more comfortable talking to the lab techs, asking questions, or expressing concerns about your drugs.

Your pharmacist has been trained to answer your questions and alert you to any dangers when taking your new prescription. However, after your successful pharmacy visit, you should still carefully monitor your own health. Read the inserts that come with the package of medication and report any new symptoms to your doctor or pharmacist as these might be the signs of an adverse drug reaction.