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Tips for Dealing with Dry Skin

by admin on: September 5th, 2011

Every winter, millions of people look for causes and solutions for dry skin. The itching, dry, flaky and painful condition can be maddening every day.

Unfortunately, the skin condition is common and plays havoc with your body’s number one defense against disease. When your skin cracks open with rough, dry scales, you could be exposing yourself to all kinds of bacteria. So for your health, your looks, and your sanity this winter, here are some solutions:

  • Avoid clothes that make you itch, harsh soaps and fragrant moisturizers.
  • Hot showers wash away your natural oils, so shorten them and cool them down.
  • Add natural fish oil, vitamins and healthy nuts to your diet.
  • Exfoliate your skin in the shower then apply moisturizer immediate afterward.
  • Heaters and low humidity will dry out your skin. Use a humidifier indoors.
  • Use different moisturizers for troubled areas like lips, legs and hands. Try a organic extra virgin coconut oil recommended by many dermatologists.
  • Try dry-brushing your skin with a loofah before getting wet for better results of removing dry, flaky skin before moisturizing.
  • Avoid soap that can make your skin dry out. Instead, use a creamy skin moisturizing cleanser with petrolatum and glycerin.
  • If you must take a bath, use oatmeal scrubs and bath oil for smoother skin when you pull the plug.

Remember that dry skin can happen all year round, but covering your face and body against the cold wind will really make a difference. A humidifier in your office and one at home can change the winter humidity of around 10% to a healthier 30%. At night, slather moisturizers on your hands and feet then slip on cotton socks and gloves. In the morning you’ll have smooth, nourished skin.