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Migraine Headaches

by admin on: September 30th, 2011

According to a paper published in the European Journal of Neurology in April 2006, migraines affects 12-28 percent of people at some point in their lives. The same paper showed that 14???35 percent of adult women and from 6???15 percent of adult men suffer from migraines during a period of one year. However, this is not a new affliction.The Ebarus Papyrus, dated around 1200 B.C.E, describes the symptoms of a migraine in a patient from ancient Egypt.

Yet, for a disease that has been on record since the ancient times, it is not a well defined condition. It is characterized only in a symptomatic manner with severe headache, nausea and altered somatic perceptions.

The cause of a migraine is not yet known. It is usually treated with analgesics, but there is no concrete treatment for it yet, despite exhaustive research on the condition. Sumatripan is the most commonly prescribed medication for migraines. It is available in injectable, nasal and oral forms.

One of the drugs that shows potential in the treatment of migraines is Zelrix, marketed by NuPathe Inc. Zelrix delivers the drug in a novel way, though a skin patch. This mode of drug delivery is particularly useful for those who experience severe nausea and vomiting during episodes of migraine headaches. Zelrix cleared the crucial Phase III clinical trail in July 2009.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted Zelrix’s application and is expected to do a full review in August 2011. If the FDA approves the drug, it would likely launch in 2012.

Yet another drug that may be used to treat migraines is Botox, which would be available in an injectable form. Botox is marketed by Allegan Inc. If approved in the USA, patients can look forward to some relief from the traumatic migraine episodes.