• University of Phoenix
    As the leading online school in the nation, Phoneix University offers various pharmacology online courses to take in your own time.
  • KAPLAN University
    One of the largest online universities with a widely recognized name, Kaplan University offers a myriad of online pharmacology courses that fit your schedule.
by admin on: February 8th, 2010

Welcome to Pharmacology.org, the most helpful pharmacology site you???ll find! If you are unsure where your current job is leading or you are looking for a change of direction in your life then pharmacology could be the career for you. Wherever your interests lie, may they be in clinical pharmacology, neuropharmacology, psychopharmacology or even pharmacogenetics, as long pharmacology is your passion we can help you.


Pharmacology.org offers numerous resources to support you on your educational journey:


  • Outstanding Career Guidance
  • Financial Aid Help
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  • And Student FAQs


Our Outstanding Career Guidance not only provides you with a general outlook of the pharmacology industry, but also explores the finer details of what it really takes to have a career in this field. We also examine the possible opportunities available to you and the basic minimum requirements for these positions. In addition, the career guidance that we offer will help you to select the best pharmacology school and degree for your dream vocation.


There are also a wide variety of articles available on our blog written by pharmacology experts that wish to offer you the sharpest, most up-to-date information. Included in these articles are How To guides, tips on selecting pharmacology schools, and additional resources that will help you make the best of your pharmacology education.


At Pharmacology.org we pride ourselves in being a premier pharmacology education and career resource. We will enable you to not only select the most fitting career for you, but also help to make your dream a reality! Check out our student testimonials to read how we have played an integral part in other students??? success.

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