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What to Expect from a Pharmacy Visit
by admin on: January 20th, 2012

Most adults visit the pharmacy for prescription medication, but do not know what goes on behind the glass window, amongst the shelves of drugs.

Your community pharmacist is responsible for shielding you from an adverse drug interaction, as well as he or she is able. Pharmacists accomplish this through careful examination of your medical history, which describes your previous medications, and allergies. Once the pharmacist gives you a specific medication, you can feel confident that it has passed through several checks to make sure you can take it safely.

If your pharmacist does detect an anomaly he or shemay call your doctor to review the prescription, especially if the error he or she detected might cause you harm.

When you are prescribed a drug that you have not taken before, ask for a consultation with your pharmacist. During this consultation your pharmacist will go over any side effects, precautions, and food or beverage interactions that your new medication might have. As the consumer, you have the responsibility to know the drugs you are being given and how to take them correctly. This means you must adhere to the instructions on the bottle and continue to take the medication until either the bottle is empty or you are told to stop by your doctor.

Pharmacists will assist you with over-the-counter medications, herbalremedies, diet supplements and more. If you are taking an prescription drug, always check with your pharmacist about adding alternative medications to your daily regimen. Many over-the-counter medications can dilute the effects of your prescription medication, or even cause them to harm you.

Staying with one pharmacist for all your medications is always a good idea. Both because your records will be on file and because you are more likely to ask questions if you are familiar with your pharmacist.

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