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You and Your Pharmacist are a Team
by admin on: February 1st, 2012

Pharmaceutical companies often change the color, shape, and dosage of medications. It is the pharmacist’s job is to keep up with these changes so he or she can dispense your medication quickly and accurately. Help you pharmacist by being proactive about your health and following these easy steps:

1. Always ask your doctor why you are being prescribed a given medication. Know the purpose, food and beverage interactions, and potential problems with any of the other drugs you may be taking.

2. Carry a list of all your other medications. Whether you take an aspirin a day, vitamins, dietary supplements, over-the-counter drugs, herbal remedies or alternative medications from a health-food store, these are important for a pharmacist to know as they could interact poorly with your prescription drugs.

3. Use one pharmacy for all your prescriptions. Pharmacies keep records, which will indicate important information like: allergies, past drug interactions and your dosage history. These are critical pieces of information when a pharmacist is making decisions about your medication.

4. Ask for the consultation with the pharmacist. Get your questions answered by a pharmacist who knowsyour drug history.

5. Inspect your medication at the pharmacy before going home. Look at the tablets to make sure they are the right size, color and shape as you remember. Any changes could mean a pharmaceutical company has changed their formula. Check with the pharmacist to explain why your medication looks different than you remember.

6. Check the dosage on the bottle. With most medications, a less expensive drug may be available, which might affect the dosage, color, and size of the tablet. Therefore, make sure you understand how often you should take the medicine and how much you should take each time even if you have taken a similar medicine before.

Remember, you are a partner in your own health. Stay informed.

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